WardZee was premiered yesterday at the Buea mountain hotel on the 24 of June 2018. The Cameroonian movie which was written and produced by Itambi Delphine happens to be one of the most anticipated and hyped movies produced in Cameroon this year. The premiere witnessed a lot of celebrities, fans, movie lovers, friends and family members of the cast and crew as they gathered to show their support to the wonderful output from the Itambi Delphine Studios.

Below is a synopsis of the movie for those who don’t have a clue about it.


A young woman fights for her life and that of her missing son when she wakes up from the strangest of places without a baby she supposedly conceived two days ago in Ward Zee of a given hospital. Every trace of her ever being pregnant or having put to birth are nonexistent. Her husband and maid have disappeared into thin air and everyone she comes across who seem to believe her seemingly delusional story is a target. PAGE and her team of A curious Neighbor A police officer, An ex-lover and A come-back sister are bent on puzzling out the mystery behind the disappearance of the baby. But how so, when not even she,(the mother) can REMEMBER. Is this a wild ghost chase with a woman who may possibly HV buried her own son, or is someone bent on making her FORGET?

Sometimes all we need is someone to indefinitely believe in the words born from our endless insanity.”

One of the many celebrities who graced the occasion was Alpha Better Records LION Mr. Leo. The lamnso lyrical genius shocked everyone with his out fit as he graced the occasion with a not so cool outfit. He had on a long sleeve white tee shirt, black pants, some cool sneakers and a waist bag hanging around his neck and under his right arm.

This photo has been the most talked about photo this weekend and fans have been throwing some funny reactions we thought you should see.

What are your thoughts about Mr. Leo’s outfit? Apparently, he seems to be the only recognized artiste at the event. Should applaud his support or crucify him for his outfit?

Moreover, Delphine Itambi seems to be less worried about his outfit and more contented by his presence and support as we see in one of her comments.

Victor Kange