When it comes to music, I mean modern day Cameroon music in the last 10 years, the name Jovi LeMonstre seems to be paving its way to the legendary shelf of Cameroon Music Libraries, African Bookshops and World Charts. Today, a legend was born. We celebrate one of the greatest of all times in the era of Cameroon Urban music. Firstly, we thank his mother for keeping the pregnancy. Then God for keeping him this far. Ndukong Godlove Nfor was born on the 24th of October, 34 years ago in Douala. If you ask me, I’ll say Cameroon Music Needs to honor this talented genius with a public holiday to his name, not now maybe in like 8 to 10 more years to come..

Well we can’t wait that long. So,  on behalf of the #237showbiz team, we wish a very happy birthday to Jovi LeMonstre aka Mboko God and many more years..
Let’s leave you guys some juice about the birthday boy. Here are 6 things you didn’t know or probably noticed about Jovi.

6. Jovi LeMonstre  has produced 5 LPs and 14 EPs for @newbellmusic, That’s over 130 songs! What a Genius.

5. Jovi LeMonstre’s favourite African rapper is M.I from Nigeria

4. Jovi LeMonstre has never sponsored a post on his official Facebook page ”Jovi”

3. Jovi LeMonstre drives a car worth 15 to 20 million CFA

2. Jovi LeMonstre is the only Camer music producer/rapper who doesn’t use a beat tag!

1. Jovi LeMonstre denied Guiness’ proposal of their #MadeOfBlack endorsement deal (For reasons you’ll read on another article soonest) few years ago which was awarded to Stanley Enow.

There you go, if you didn’t know, now you know. Stay tuned to 237showbiz for more juice about the #MadeOfBlack deal.  Hidden Facts..

– Victor Kange