With the advent of the internet and social media showbiz has taken a whole different turn, with artistes, managers and public relation officers seem to be betting all they have on the internet. Everybody is now focusing a lot on social media for outreach, which in itself is a good thing but for those making it their sole card, this write up is a must read. The population of Cameroon is about 25million persons and only about 2million of these persons are online, that makes it about 8% of the population is online and that is a very small number and this 8% will mainly comprise of youths who are still in the dependent stage of their lives, as such if an artiste wants to make it big, focuses his or her promotion online is a little bit misguided.

For artistes, mainly the upcoming ones who are yet to be known, it is important to know that the greater quality of prospective buyers and consumers of Cameroonian music are still offline, so to affect a larger population they will still have to put in a lot of energy to promote their work offline.

Also, the internet as at now in Cameroon has never made any song a hit, hits are recognized with the acclamation they receive and it can be best noticed offline. And so, in as much as online promotion is a good means of circulating the works of entertainers, offline promotion is still very effective.

Written by,

Emmanuel Asafor