For every industry in the globe, according to some websites and articles about female beat makers or music producers, these ladies only make up about 5% in the sector of beat making and music production. In the case of the Cameroonian music industry in particular, the scarcity or absence of female beat makers is alarming. In fact, we are 100% convinced that our beloved country is yet to welcome its first female beat maker and producer in the game. The $60.000 question is why is this particular part of music entertainment never seen the opposite sex of the likes of Akwandor, Salatiel, Edi Ledrae and Dijay Pazzo just to name a few. Can’t the old proverb that says ”What a man can do, a woman can do even better” be applied in this works of life?

So once again we are asking. How do we explain the absence of ladies in this sector of music? Do you know that a desperate female artiste who can’t afford music production can be sexually abused ? The influx of female beat makers and music producers can help save some ladies the stress.

There are some female DJs in Cameroon who are actually very good at doing what they do. Have tried beat making? Imagine being the first female beat maker out of Cameroon. It already sets you on a high stage whoever is coming next won’t find it easy to deal with. Moreover, you shall be well exposed before you even start hitting the kicks!

To set things right, we will like you guys to let us know what you think. Do we need female beat makers in the industry? Will they bring a little change? Wondagurl is a female beat maker who has produced music for Jay Z, Travis Scott, French Montana etc. Why not you sweetie?

Victor Kange