The music world is quite complicated and full with a lot of variables. Getting to the top in music is difficult and mostly comes as a result of multiple years of work. But this doesn’t apply to every artistes, some artistes get to taste the glory of stardom earlier than others, in fact for some it happens on their very first projects. That was the case with the 2012 “African mamy” hit maker Duc-Z. He who swept music fans in Cameroon and abroad with his hit song later on just became the quintessence of a one hit wonder. Few months after the song which was so widespread, the vibe seemed to die and since then he hasn’t been able to revive his career and set himself at the center of attention in the Cameroonian music industry.
Well, it seems he is about to change that. Duc-Z has announced the release of his new single “3 en 1” scheduled for the 3rd November 2018. It is noteworthy that Duc-Z is a good vocalist and as such has a lot to offer to the public. What do you think we should expect from this project? Do you think this will mark his comeback? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.