Everyone with a God given talent still has a role model, someone who inspires them. We all have that one famous person we dream to be like. In this writeup, we will be talking about Big Dreams ”Ko-C” former PIM Boys’ artist otherwise known as Camer’s fastest rapper Kosssss.
Ko-C expressed himself and we saw his potentials with his verse on ”Ici Au Camer”. Many of you were happy Camer has someone with that speed of rap, a good singer,  fluent in both  French and Pidgin English. Nevertheless, the thoughts of (He sounds like Sarkodie)  kept on ringing in our heads till date. I can tell you, the only aspect that differentiates Ko-C from Sarkodie is when the young prodigy uses French in his lyrics or appear on screen or stage.  Apart from that, many say he has that Sarkodie style of flow and delivery.
It might interest you to know that before writing this article, I carried out a petit  survey. I played Ko-C’s ”All The Way Up” cover to about 10 ears.  Four of them actually thought it wasn’t Sarkodie whereas 6 others concluded by saying it was the Ghanaian rapper.
Also, in a Nigerian website, there was a link to a song, it was titled ”Sarkodie – IF Cover” with so much anxiety, I rushed to download. Unfortunately for me it was Ko-C,  with his very known intro wanting the mic yo! With so much hardwork you go through to create your songs and your idol getting the credit, it will be very difficult to be differentiated every time he is listened to. This seems to be a clear example of ”Monkey di work, Baboon di chop. ” Mind you, there are more than a thousand sarkodie-like rappers out there. Well Ko-C  to some is still Camer’s fastest rapper. However, I don’t think it’s advisable for Camer’s fastest rapper to sound like a rapper from Ghana. He should sound Cameroonian.
Do you agree Ko-C copies Sarkodie?  Tell us what you think. Should he stay the same? What advice do you have for him?  Please drop your comments below.
Victor Kange