Hello! 237ShowBees! Trust you all are doing very well amidst the tensions and political instability of our blessed nation! Peace and a favorable atmosphere is what we all pray for!

As you all know, 237Showbiz is Cameroon’s number 1 online entertainment portal and the gist and info we bring is rare to find on any other platform. As usual, we were strolling on the instagram timelines of our Cameroonian celebrities and what really caught our attention was the fact that former Empire Company employee Magasco alias Bamenda Boy is following just 91 instagram users and none of these celebrities happen to come from our neighboring country Nigeria despite the impact their entertainment industry has on the planet as we speak. Although he is following some U.S superstars (Rappers) we understand he has a soft spot for hip hop and RnB so this is understandable.

Moreso, it is rare to find African celebrities (Musicians most especially) who are trying to make it bigger in the musical scene in Africa and are not taking into consideration Nigeria as a point of contact. Thus they must be following one or two Nigerians, if not for business, but for “Idol, inspiration or role model sake” the case seems to be different with the frontline artiste of “Bboy Records

Why isn’t Magasco following a single Nigerian celebrity ? Is he trying to pass out a message ? Does it mean we can still be at the Magasco level while sticking to what we believe ?

Also, for those who didn’t click the link and read the full article will be at the comment section saying “Jovi” isn’t following Nigerian artistes on instagram. So thus, Magasco isn’t the only artiste who isn’t following Nigerian artiste. Remember the caption says “Singer

Notwithstanding, we can’t say for sure if Bamenda Boy was following Nigerian artistes before, but although a rapper we are aware Jovi was. If not still, then he recently unfollowed.

All in all, our business is with that of Magasco and why isn’t he following Nigerian artistes ?

Victor Kange