The month of November seems to be a month of heat in the atmosphere of Cameroon music entertainment, from the Afrima brouhaha to the dropping of songs, videos and EPs to come.

It all started when Stevens Music princess Daphné aka Miss Calée dropped on Wednesday two music videos to her hit songs Promets moi and Jusqu’à la gare. Everyone saw this as history made  since the existence of Kamer music entertainment. Surprisingly, Alpha Better Records Best employee Mr. Leo releases his debut album Love Original accompanied with three music videos breaking immediately breaking Daphne’s record. How do y’all appreciate this?  Is it the new marketing strategy?  Is Mr. Leo trying to create a new wave in the music industry. Mind you, to break this record, you need an album and four videos before coming on stage, else you are certainly not game.

The album love original is an amazing album with 13 songs, a majority of them are singles he had released in the past, from E go better to Kemayo to C’est Faux, you name it. Whereas there’s just about 3 to 4 new songs of which are the 3 videos he dropped.

Question is, will people purchase the album whereas they’ve danced their lives out to all these hits? Well I personally think Leo is on fire at the moment and has made enough money to split. The album Love Original is just an evidence of hard work and being consistent. Well that’s my point of view. Let’s read yours tell us what you think?

– Victor Kange.