Everyone who is accustomed to Cameroonian urban music should have heard the names Stanley Enow and Jovi in the same sentence more than once. And more often than not it wasn’t for a positive thing that their names came up together in the same statement. Jovi and Stanley Enow were at one time on every body’s lips, their beef will forever remain the longest and most followed up beef in Cameroonian urban music. But that isn’t the case anymore, now Stanley Enow has deviated from rap to more commercial genres of music while Jovi has stuck to his megalomaniac style which doesn’t permit him to expand his influence as much as his colleague has done.

That assertion was confirmed lately as Stanley Enow succeeded to bring about what is probably the best collaboration Cameroon has witnessed in a while. I am talking about “My Way” featuring Tzy Panchak and Locko, where the reoccurring statement is “Me I di find my way, my brother find your way too, life na turn by turn, demain pour toi va sortir, so just follow me oh“.

That statement is definitely pregnant with meaning and some fans even happened to indicate that the statement in one way or the other has a message for Jovi in it. We all have seen how far Stanley Enow has gone and how far he has taken the Cameroonian music industry. He who initially started off as a rapper with his hit single “Hein Pere” but he has long diverted to Afrobeat and it seems to work very well for him, as if to say he has found his way to glory, to greatness and to wealth, meanwhile Jovi who has remained in the rap game especially his “mboko” style seems to rather be going down the drain and as such it looks like he is yet to find his way.

This is in no way aimed at reviving a beef between the two men but it is to present the worries of some fans. What do you think about this? Do you think there’s a message for Jovi in “My Way” or is it just a witch hunt? Drop your thoughts on this!

Written by

Emmanuel Asafor