Let’s be honest to each other. When a music video is aired on bigger screens for instance, TraceTV, MTV Base, OklmTv just to name a few, the music travels to many places. This opportunity seems to be the height of it for some Camer music artistes.
As a matter of fact, they stop working after throwing money here and there for their art to be distributed on bigger screens. This is one of those aspects that crumbles many Camer artistes especially the ones who are hotheaded and new to the game. It seems they couldn’t believe they’ll ever be shown on a TV screen.
Mind you, there’s a lot of corruption when it comes to music videos being aired on bigger screens. Have you ever wondered why Tzy Panchak’s amazing videos of high quality and great concepts by Mr. Adrenaline are never aired on these bigger screens yet, we see ”wack” music videos of artistes who just got into the game aired approximately 5 times a day. I wouldn’t want to make this article look like a court case filed by Tzy Panchak but I mean he is the only great example doing it yet we can’t find his tracks on such platforms. If you are a huge Tzy fan, you must have heard him said and I quote,
“Bad Man block my songs for Trace, For park them hear my songs them craze.”
”I rest my case”
Mind you, consistency is the order of the day. If you as an artiste think that when your songs are aired on bigger screens from just one video, then you sit back and relax while your competitors are working on albums, you are only fooling yourself. Pascal YUNG King made it to the charts without a music video, many fans had never imagine what he looked like, even from his pictures on social media, you couldn’t recognize him if you met on the streets. Just work, work and work.
In conclusion, I am not saying placing your music on bigger screens isn’t necessary, if it gets there, go down on your knees, thank Jehovah and get back to work. Don’t sit back and keep sharing pictures from fans who keep snapping their TV screens when they see your songs aired.
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Big S/O to Daphne aka Miss Calée who comes back with two great singles after her hit song Calée, ”Jusqu’à la gare & Promet moi”
-Victor Kange