237Showbiz like we always do met up with another talented singer Shey. Former New Bell Music artiste now signed to Thumbs Up Entertainment to squeeze out some juice from the Cinderella singer. Apart from him asking us to stay tuned for his upcoming hits, he had a lot more to say. Below was how it went down.

237Showbiz: Many just know you as Shey. Former New Bell Music singer. Who exactly is Shey?

Shey:  Shey is a young man from Nkambe (North West Region)
I’m a singer/songwriter/composer currently signed to ThumbsUp Entertainment. @musiconly237 on twitter.

237Showbiz: How did you start making music?

Shey: My love for music began when I started singing in the church choir.  (Presbyterian church Bonamoussadi in Douala) Thereafter, the passion began burning in me like wild fire when I listened to R-Kelly’s TP-2. Com album. Though while growing up my dad will always listened to raggae music and artists like Bob Marley, Peter Touch, Jimmy Cliff, Eric Donaldson and Culture. So I had a taste of both worlds.

237Showbiz: No doubt you are a very good composer and songwriter. I believe you write all your songs and that of others. Can you point out 2 songs written by you?

Shey: Wow thanks the complement. Two songs written by myself, I think I will start by mentioning NA YOU- Performed by Reniss and Myself and WHY- which I did alone.

237Showbiz: You’ve worked with the likes of Kiloh, Jovi, Tata Paul, who else in the Kamer music industry will you like to work with?

Shey: Yoooo! I would love to work with my 2 niggaz that is Kikoh and Benzil.

237Showbiz: Disrespect, theft, hate, jealousy and criticism are the ills that plague our growing  industry, what do you think is the cause of this and how do we eradicate them?

Shey: I personally think the cause is Pride, everybody wanting to work alone and having everyhing for his/herself. Although at times it’s necessary because ”vampires too plenty for the business”

237Showbiz: What projects should we expect from Thumbs Up Entertainment, shows, videos, EPs or albums?  Tell us your secrets, we won’t say it a soul!

Shey: As the projects we have couple of them coming up
-Dropping a 3rd single soon , titled WALAII. Its exclusively on radios right now.
-My 1st Ep under thumbsup would be dropping anytime soon so just stay tuned.

237Showbiz: You created a new record label ”Thumbs Up Entertainment” alongside former labelmate and music producer Kiloh. Tells us why you chose to call it Thumbs Up Entertainment and more details about the record label?

Shey:  We chose to call it ThumbsUp cause we believe that all we do is good music which is medication and healing for every nation. You all know when something is good, you  raise your thumbs UP.

237Showbiz: You’ve released a few beautiful love songs under Thumbs Up entertainment, Heart40r2 and Cinderella, still no video.

Shey: It’s true I released 2 audios and still no videos. Probably thats cause the label has its different strategy and therefore waiting for the right time to drop a video
But personally I aim at getting more music lovers than video fanatics cause I want to sell good music and not my image. But as I earlier said, the label knows best.

237Showbiz: Amongst all your songs I think are hits to me, from Why, Jungle Book ft. Jovi, Heart42 and Cinderella. Your verses are either in Pidgin English or English Language. No French!  Don’t you think you’re missing out on something for not putting a few French words in your lyrics?

Shey: Nope nope I dont think I’m missing up on anything.
I love setting trends and not following trends. Moreover music to me is a one time hit which when it comes to me I follow the direction music takes me. Point of correction, listen to the 1st track of my TAPSI EP, ICE CREAM ft Pascal yoi will find French lines in them.

237Showbiz: Who are your Top 3 Kamer music producers?

Shey: My very Top Three Kamer Producers are
-Kiloh aka Area Killa Beatz
-Jovi LeMonstre

237Showbiz: Where do you see yourself in 4 years?

Shey: In 4 years I see myself going global and by Jah’s infinite blessings a living legend.

237Showbiz: Who is your Kamer celebrity crush?

Shey: My celebrity crush is Blanche Bailey
She’s got a nice and hot body dat makes aiman trip.

237Showbiz: Should we expect videos of your just released singles or upcoming releases?

Shey: Yup! would be dropping anytime soon so just stay tuned

237Showbiz: Music is life
! But if you weren’t making music today, what else would you turn to for livelihood

Shey: I would turn to teaching for livelihood.

237Showbiz: Which has been your very best music collaboration throughout your career?

Shey: My best music collabo so far is
Mboko God Positioning. The 1st track on Jovi’s Mboko God Album

237Showbiz: What can you boast of from your former label because Tilla in an interview with 237Showbiz said it was the darkest part of her career.

Shey: I can boast of what I learnt from my former record label. Jovi is the best mentor I’ve ever had through out my career. I forever remain grateful to New Bell Music and management. Like i always say, Jovi, Rachel Applewhite alongside Ndukong the visual director gave me a TREE when all I asked was a STICK. JAHJAH BLESSINGS!

237Showbiz: Well that’s all what we could rap up for you on this segment. We wish you the very best in your career and God’s richest blessings. Thanks for talking to us. One Love..

Shey: Thanks to you too for this great interview and Jah bless your hustles too @237showbiz.

Follow Shey on twitter @Sheyoclock88
He’ll be dropping those soul touching tunes anytime, you heard it from him.

Interviewed by
– Victor Kange