Ngwane Denzel of Denzel Media pulls out the plug which connected him to US Based Cameroonian Record Label Blu Nation as Artiste Manager and P.A of Cameroonian singer Tzy Panchak. While we thought the new year will come with a lot of good tidings and more positivity from every sector, the year 2019 begins bad as the label’s lone manager quits! We recently saw the label scouting for younger talents to sign in order to broaden their camp. However, Ngwane Denzel decided to call it off with his former team despite the great moves ahead!

The artiste manager and his former boss Tzy Panchak met sometime in the year 2014 and started working two years later when Ngwane Denzel joined the Label Blu Nation Recording as his manager.

The artiste manager seems to have found a new path as he quits one which happens to be one of the biggest labels in the industry. He granted to us exclusively a copy of the press release attached below!

It’s often rare to hear artistes managers quitting their employees or labels. It has always been the case of rappers. What do you guys think about the artiste manager’s moves? Smart OR Dumb?

Drop your thoughts!

Victor Kange