Certainly by now nude modeling is no longer a new thing in Cameroonian entertainment. Those who practice this very peculiar form of art have done a lot of work in making their art popular and come to think of it, who will not get lust at the sight of a naked young lady?

There are some names who we know are already household names in nude modeling and the most notorious of these is Nina Mbunwe and she even attributes the introduction of this branch of modeling to herself. Now this kind of modeling is getting a lot more attention as it is witnessing its first beef ever and as you would expect, nude modeling pioneer Nina Mbunwe is involved. The nude modeling pioneer is known to hold her rather controversial art in the highest of esteem so it is no surprise that she gets pissed when the art is toyed with and as such she could not hold herself when she saw what according to her a copied concept is by nude modeling neophyte Guinevere Gwen Sanchez. Below is a photo of the stolen concept.

Nina accuses Gwen of out rightly copying the pose she did in her most recent photo shoot from Google and not giving credits where they are due, Gwen maintains that it is an original concept done by her photographer Skly’la Skyl but Nina insists it is copy work and goes ahead to warn Gwen about the malpractice.

All these went down in the comment section of Gwen’s recent post and many people were quick to do screenshots of the comments Nina’s comments and reproach.

We do not know how far the allegations are true, but some people think Gwen is threatening Nina’s position at the helm of nude modeling in Cameroon and this is Nina’s way of putting her in her place while others think Nina just wants things to be done the right way. Feel free to share your thoughts on this issue in comment section.

See more photos of Gwen the newbie. She looks like she’s not ready for child’s play.