Richard Bona, the amount of times i have had to write about this man is just amazing, by the way I like his music. But that goes without saying, I rarely write about it. I think he is becoming more famous in the Cameroonian entertainment industry for something else other than his music. 

Richard Bona is one of those who have sold culture to the entire world and he has done so in grand style. Over the last few years, he has rebranded as a bonafide critic of the Cameroonian government. And he is so good at it that nature seems to be causing Cameroon to blunder so Richard Bona can have a good laugh.

This time he was on the African Cup of Nations issue following a decision by the Confederation For African Football decided to withdraw the hosting rights to the 2019 edition of the aforementioned competition. 

He went all out on twitter to have his laugh without holding back. See screenshots below.