Fashion is one of those branches in the Cameroonian economy which haven’t been laid enough emphasis on. The reasons may be many but that is not our issue of concern today. But Cameroonian fashion designers are definitely not sleeping as they have been able to give themselves the means to live off their art. Some of them have been able to conveniently brand themselves in their fiefdom and are now big household names, here we will be able to quote names like Amah Bertrand of Amah’s Fashion House and Louis Fame.

Cameroonian fashion designers thus have what it takes to compete at the toughest levels in and out of Africa and everyday they keep proving that beyond doubt. Lately, we came to know about the mythic “Agbada Challenge” which probably is a Nigerian trend as the traditional “Agbada’ is always likened to them.

Well, it seems Cameroon is beating them to their own game. The pure genius of Cameroonian fashion designing has been adequately showcased by Sha Sha of ShaSha Designs. This unique and super-talented designer has set a new pace with very daring designs of the famous “Agbada” bringing the challenge to a whole new level for both men and women. Her designs are quite futuristic, a blend of old fashion taste and modern trends. Creating an unprecedented line of “Agbada” that may take several years to be equaled and even more to be surpassed.

ShaSha Designs has turned on the spotlight of Cameroonian fashion designers, as everybody now can contemplate and enjoy the beauty of designs by Cameroonians in Cameroon. Now will Cameroonians be able to put the right support behind ShaSha to get her designs to the end of the globe and will other Cameroonian fashion designs be able to use her exposure as leverage to conquer new horizons?

While pondering on these questions be sure to check out the pictures of these “Agbada” designs and possibly get one in other to amaze your entourage during the festive period of December.