Upcoming, uprising and underground. I am talking about the yet to be discovered artistes. These are the category of artistes who are still trying to get a name for themselves. Should they charge organizers and promoters trying to give them a chance to step on the spotlight?

Every upcoming artistes when struggling with their projects still in the level of project files always dreams to one day meet that God sent sponsor who will come to their aid.
As an upcoming artiste, I believe your main goal should be to create visibility, contacts and close relationships for yourself and that of your career. In Cameroon we term it to mean “Chook Skin”. Putting money at the beginning or forefront of every proposal for your services might not help you. It will give a negative impression about you to the organizer or promoter trying to see you through.

In the yesteryears, say 2009, 2010, upcoming artistes I know personally will pay to perform their songs in the famous 11th February and 20th May Délire which was always hosted at Alliance Franco Cameroounais in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. A good example of an upcoming artiste who paid to perform was Pascal – Yung King. He spoke about this in his song Miss Dem off his debut album Work Dey 3.
In his words, he said “I miss my first show for Franco Alliance , Even though I pay for perform but thanks God e bless me with the flow and after I perform I comot with the word.. my first award be be my first motivation”.

Also, the likes of Jovi who trekked to perform in shows is not the same story today. Be humble and don’t place money and block your chances to shine.

On the other hand, we can denounce the above assertion and demand that promoters and show organizers motivate upcoming artistes by encouraging them. The Cameroon entertainment industry has grown. It is now fruitful and the cake is big enough for everyone to grab a bite. You can encourage these guys by at least booking them a hotel room and offering them a good treat. Transport fare and a lot more kind words will also not hurt but motivate them as well. Music production nowadays costs a fortune; it’s never too early for them to start reaping the fruits of their labour.

Victor Kange