Stanley Ebai Enow also known as “Bayangi Boy” or better still “King Kong” has almost always been at the center of discussions in Cameroon since his debut in 2013 with “Hein Pere”,which is his only hit so far. Stanley Enow has also been noted for his powerful collaborations and some people even say he is the ambassador of Cameroonian Music abroad. On Saturday,the artist who recently dropped his new single “Casanova” as a prelude to his upcoming album,was live on 237showbiz‘s Facebook page and one of the questions addressed to him was why he hadn’t signed any other artist to his label Motherland Empire. This question has been lingering in the minds of a lot of people and the star opened up with an answer. He said he still has a lot of projects at hand and as such his whole team is still focused  on working on his projects and as such signing another artist will be an overload for his team. He also said he did not want to sign artists and be in direct competition with them,as he sees in other labels and as such for now his projects and plans take the upper hand in his label and signing of artists is a story for another day. Have a look at the video below


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