Hello Readers, It’s officially the last day in 2017, and I know every music fan want to know who were the Cameroonian artists who had the greatest impact musically in 2017.

Before I get into business, this year has seen a number of artists become hot such as Nabila, Tzy Panchak, Tenor, and many others  who crossed into the elite circle of desirable artists  due to the quality and the acceptance of their music by the audience. 2017 has also seen a couple of new names dive into an adventure Such as Switt, Matilda , Yung Meagan, Brianna Lesley and many others.

Well I bring to you today what you have been waiting for.  The countdown of the 10 names that in my opinion had the greatest impact this year,  the names were selected based on the following Criteria.

NOTE: The criteria i used in this rating are as follows:

=>The total number of hit songs artists released from December 2016 to December 2017, please be aware i consider a hit song as a song with a somewhat huge popularity in the country and among  Cameroonians, song with much downloads, YouTube video views and more..

=> Another criteria for selection is artists performance ..e.g Shows, concerts, album release, and international tours, their award nominations and wins.


10) Tzy Panchak

Tzy Panchak

Blu Nation Soldier and Super Star Tzy Panchak has experienced his greatest Career success in 2017 thanks to his Talent, Consistency and the money Invested by his Record Label. His Popular refix to runtowns Mad Over you which he called  Mad 4 Yu Luv had a great impact on music fans both home and abroad. Tzy had a song for almost every incident this year, reason why he was allegedly called a “Situational artist” by some Camer industry old Heads in the game. Panchako released new music back to back this year from Super Woman, to Like That, without forgetting his other releases such as Ngueme, Woman Crush , The struggle and the recently released Mon Bebe. Every Tzy Fan will confess that their favorite singer, fed them with constant new music all year long. His Collabo with Artists such as Numerica in C’est Toi and Linxx in Petit for Kwatta did a great job expanding his fanbase.

2017 was the year with the most shows in Tzy’s entire career. He got his first Car and was also overseas for his First USA Tour.  Tzy Got spot 10 on our list.

9) Maahlox Le Vibeur.


Maahlox AKA Mr Buzz, was  one of the most talked about Cameroonian artists in 2017.  Eventhough Censored by certain channels Maahlox due to the obscenity in his music has still been able to Make music that spreads  like Wildfire anytime he drops.

The Cameoronian rapper with a strong social media presence  has released hot banging singles such as Un Bon Plantain, Tu as Combien?Voici alors la bosse and Fini avec.

Maahlox had numerous sold out shows all year round, both at home, in Africa and in Europe(France, Germany etc.).  But for his Frequent music releases, his feud with Canal D’or, Stanley enow, His Ex Producer &   Coco emilia are some of the few incidents that have fetched him some buzz this year. This List could have been invalid without him.

8) Stanley Enow


Cameroonian rapper Stanley Enow has also been one of the artists that has been on the Lips of many fans thanks to the strength of his International Collaborations.

2017 was proving not to have been the best career year for the motherland Empire Rapper with early releases during this years first Quarter such as  Pray for Me, Follow me and Love Song ft Claude Ndam. The second half of 2017 was triggered the very moment he jumped on the band wagon of  International Collabo’s with Nigeria’s Mr Eazi on Adore You and lately  inviting Nigerias 50 Billion man Davido on Caramel.

In 2017 Stanley enow was also Show opener for Davido’s 30 Billion Tour in the United States and without forgetting Mr Eazi’s Life is Eazi Concert in America.

Stanley’s smartness and his business mind fetched him deals with companies such as the Bicec bank, and Puma. Stanley along the year did create some buzz with his releases and therefore he is worth occupying spot 8.

7)  Salatiel

Salatiel[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=

Alpha Better Records Boss Salatiel, has been one of the names in the Urban Music Scene that has registered remarkable success in the year 2017.

The Songwriter, Producer and Singer has scored very high marks in all fields in 2017 and has easily been one of the most Influential Cameroonian artist in 2017.

His Dirty Kitchen has churned out some great songs with remarkable success  for him such as  Toi et moi, La Femme de Ma Galere, Qu’est Qui n’a pas Marche and Higher Higher without forgetting his production credits on Mr Leo’s album, Daphne’s (Calee, promets Moi) and many other songs.

Salatiel has been booked for numerous shows in 2017, and his Europe tour alongside label mate Mr Leo mid this year did really fetch him some good cash. The man with the 25 milli Dirty Kitchen, has also been able to make some remarkable buzz in 2017. You will agree with me that Salatiel deserves spot 7.

6)  Blanche Bailly.

Blanche Bailly

Cameroon’s most bootilicious Diva Blanche Bailly has seen enormous growth with just 2 songs released in 2017.

But for  her Big booty, and sometimes crazy Fashion style that always sets the Internet ablaze, her Hit single Mimbayeur with Cameroonian Rapper Mink’s  has been amoung the biggest songs of the year. Mimbayeur took her career to the next level and did fetch her some buzz for a longtime.

Blanche with just Mimbayeur and Dinguo has been able to get bookings both in Cameroon and in other countries in Africa. Alongside her being Talented singer, The sexy Diva’s ability to flaunt her Curves on Social media has gone a long way to increase her fanbase and make her the talking point on the lips of most artists and fans. Blanche’s spiky growth has earned her this Spot.

5) Magasco


Empire’s Golden boy and star boy Magasco, has also been one of the biggest names in 2017. It will be disrespectful and somewhat stupid if I made this list and didn’t mention his name.

Magasco in 2017 has released big songs such as Bella, Sokoto, Zamba and Move Your Body. His Involvement on songs such as Love it Ft Shan’l , I di Find ma Garri with Veteran Rapper Krotal and on the Project Power has made him one of the biggest artists in 2017.

Magasco in 2017 has had Sold out shows in Europe, Africa and America. His Fanbase has grown with his frequent movements in and out of Cameroon. His recent Golden Boy album, just crowns his musical journey.

4) Locko


The Bigdreams Ent. Starboy did what he’s been doing almost every year this year too which is being consistent; Locko although with an accident that almost cost him his life did deliver big songs that were all enjoyed by music fans.

His biggest hit song this year so far was Je serai la backed up by other releases such as Thank You Lord and Danse avec moi.  Locko did deliver some impressive collaboration this year too, he  featured on many songs this year such as Power, Fleur et Venus by Sergeo Pollo, Stay ft Ewube.

Locko is not a surprise member on this list, his appearance at the Coke Studio Africa was one of the biggest highlights of the year.

The Cameroonian Star did win a couple of awards, and was frequently in and out of the country due to the numerous shows. Locko easily occupies spot 4.


3) Mr Leo

Mr Leo 2

The Alpha Better Records Frontliner Mr leo  AKA Mr Seductive is for sure loved by many  music lovers in Cameroon.

Mr Leo is among the very few Cameroonian Urban acts who have been consistent with dropping hits back to back. He is one of the Cameroonian artists on the top level and as days go be he continues to wow  his audience with good music. Mr Leo has released big hits such as Je T’aime ft Hiro, Partout, Je suis Moi Comme Ca ft Fanicko , Pray and his recent album Love Original have all contributed to taking his Career to the next level. His Presence on numerous Collabo’s (Qu’est qui na pas marche, Higher Higher,  C’est pas ma faute by Revolution , Better by Wax Dey ..etc) easily puts him amoungst the very best acts of the year.

Mr Leo in 2017 signed new deals worth a hefty paycheck. He also copped a good number of  Awards, and was booked all year round in Africa, Europe and America.  Mr Leo is therefore the man for spot 3.

2) Tenor


Young Uprising Cameroonian Rapper Tenor  did really well this year both locally and internationally, Starting with hit singles like;  Bad things, Kabangondo , with other singles such as Bahatland and purple lamboghini. His numerous collaborations such as on Power, Deranger ft Mani Bella Chicoter les Tymphans ft by Dj Arafat..etc did show how versatile he is with his numerous freestyles that were released that set him far from the competition.

Tenor’s fanbase grew from almost nothing to one of the most loved Cameroonian artist of the year with an Outstanding Stage presence and becoming the Rappers with one of the most supportive fanbase.

The Highlight of his Career this year was his signature to Universal Music Africa.

Tenor pulled a lot of crowd in all of his  tours both home and around Africa. Tenor was number 2 in Cameroon in 2017



Finally we arrive at the Number 1, and it is none other than the Urban Music Queen Daphne.  The star singer did really well this year both locally and internationally, Starting with the biggest hit in 2017 which is Calee, later on backed up by follow up singles such as Promets Moi, Jusqua a la gare. Her numerous Collaborations such as  Na Lingui Yo ft Kifra L backed up her single releases.

Daphne pushed her Career and her brand a lot harder this year,  becoming the most followed Home based Urban music female artist. Her hit single“ Calee” currently at 14 million views is  setting a record on YouTube as the next most watched Cameroonian music video after Coller La petite by Franko.

Daphne was booked all year round and did pull a lot of crowd in most of her international tours. Daphne is the Cameroonian artist of the year 2017.


Hope you enjoyed the Countdown? Kindly leave your comments behind.

Written by:

Emmanuel Mfon(#TrendGuru)