Each and every year, there are always some promising talents that pop out of the blues and claim the most significant spots in every entertainment industry. Either they can be comebacks of dead artistes or fresh new talents threatening the thrones. This year 2018 has been very competitive so far, nobody wants to be left behind and everyone has a point to prove. Here is a countdown of the TOP 10 Female Cameroonian artistes to watch out for this 2018. Read and tell us what you think.

10. Cyndy Vox

On our 10th position for the female Cameroonian artistes to watch out for in 2018 we have Cyndy Vox. Cyndy happen to pave her way into the Camer music scene when she did her cover for Ko-C’s Bollo C’est Bollo. The cover recorded close to 50.000 YouTube views and we’re getting info that the singer and Camer’s fastest rapper are currently working on something to be released soon. 2018 looks promising for Cyndy and if you don’t want to miss out, don’t take your eyes off her.

9. Museba

Museba is not a new name as far as Cameroon Music Entertainment is concerned. After going low for over 3 years when she lastly dropped her international collabo African Mama featuring one of Nigeria’s biggest artistes J Martins, Museba bounces back with another single Gossiphallelujah. Will she deliver more this 2018. Let’s keep a close eye on her as well.

8. Krys M

Lone female Big Dreams Entertainment employee Krys M is another lady who seems to be coming into the game with full force. With many covers she has been uploading on YouTube, she later released her first official single T’oublies. The year looks promising for her, she’s hot, talented and fiercely protected by Big Dreams family. Even if she lacks a key, the likes of Locko, Koc and the newly signed Sojip are there to lend a hand.

7. T’neeya

German based Cameroonian dancehall senstation T’neeya is one of those under rated female artistes who needs a the spotlight pointed at her for a minute so the world see what she has to offer. With series of covers she had done, for example Mr. Eazi’s Pour Me Water, T’neeya added an official single Hold Me Down to her name. The song has recorded about 21K YouTube views and counting. She holds down our number 7 spot.

6. Gasha

Many of her fans had given up on her. Her music career had reached a point where it was neither moving forward nor backward. We remember when she dropped 2 singles, Murder and We Still Dey FT Nabil. Still no mountains were moved. Fortunately, things began taking shape when she released her latest single ”Back To Life”. The title itself really showed some light at the end of the tunnel for the singer. Moreover,2018 looks promising for her as we see her hanging out with the Blueberry City families and Bamenda Boy’s finest Magasco. Keeping our fingers crossed, we hope to see her moving forward.

5. Mihney

Signed to Eben Entertainment, Mihney is also a promising female Cameroonian artist and one to watch out for this 2018. She dropped her first single Depuis Quand in 2016. An Edi Ledrae produced track. Since then she went off the scene. Working hard and getting signed by her record label, she recently released her latest single Pandémie which has been getting appreciation from her fans. With a good label behind her. 2018 looks promising for her.

4. JOY

Makeup artiste turned singer Joy says she does music for the fun. Well its obvious she does, evidence from the 1.0,1.5, 2.0 mash up series she has been doing. Her popular Mash up series has elevated her music career to another level with hundred thousands YouTube views. The big question is, will she end up doing just mash up? We believe many of you want to see how original she can be. Thus she needs to drop her own singles. 2018 is the year to do so. Rumour has it that she might be dropping her first single soon. We can’t wait.

3. Senge

Senge is not an artiste of 2017, neither is she an artiste of 2016. She has been dropping songs way back. It just happens to be that her latest release Tabala gave her a lot of exposure in the Cameroon Music Entertainement globe. With over 97.000 YouTube views for her song Tabala, 2018 should watch out for this talented lady. Her style seems different and her music easily relates with her audience.

2. Briana Lesley

Briana Lesley, a model, vixen turned singer is also one hot lady to watch out for. Hot both in physique and style, the Falling singer shall be wowing most of us this 2018. We’ve had confirmation from few of her producers that she’ll be bringing in fire this 2018. Apparently, we shall be needing fire extinguishers to cool the heat. Briana also started by dropping covers on YouTube and released her first single Falling in 2017. While waiting for more, we have our fingers crossed.

1. Shura

Shura is already breaking boundaries with her single Allez Dire. When your first single is a hit, there’s a great chance your next will be nothing different. The way she fuses the French at the end of every English line is just exceptional. We’ll advise she maintains that style. She is a great talent, young and has a lot to prove. With Stevens Music beside her, she has nothing to worry about but just to keep working. 2018 looks promising for her allez dire.

That was our countdown for TOP 10 female Cameroonian artistes to watch out for this 2018. What do you think? Who deserved a better spot? Who should be replaced? See you in the comment section below.

Victor Kange