”Most of the response you’ll get on the 237showbiz Facebook page will be ”The Label” others will say ”The Artiste” reason being that the caption is a question and some won’t bother clicking the article’s link. That aside, let’s come back to our topic discussion, career killers.”
It’s very easy to start a record label these days. Many people with a few bank notes in their wallets want to have the abbreviation ”CEO” on their social media bio. Although a few are actually up to the task, a great number of them are career killers. These so called CEO’s are people who jump into showbiz for the fame, prestige and to make themselves known for a while. Others go as far as starting the label and actually take bold steps ahead to make things work. For instance,  sponsoring the first hit of their main artistes then all of a sudden ”Voom!” they disappear into thin air, and the only released track becomes the only song from the artiste and the label.
In the Camer music industry, record label owners often PROMISE heaven and earth to their artistes, some don’t even sign legal deals,  they go ahead doing ”Based on trust deals. This gets the artistes going in for months without even a freestyle, live session, cypher series for their fans so as to keep them being heard and consistent. I mean, look at the direction to where the career of former Best Music’s now Empire’s Nami Nami Cyrus is heading to, nothing to show for or talk about for a while now. Few months ago, he was pictured sharing his own videos on Facebook groups, when our platform 237showbiz takes care of things like that for little or less and sometimes free. Same situation with the likes of Paddy Foks of Schengen Black Movement, Banye, Rap Thug, Stanis Ledragon who dropped hits at the time when it wasn’t called ”Facebook Timeline but Facebook Wall”. I would have said the same thing about Coolkid Berka, but ”Jsuis Zen and Douala” tracks are still to make an impact. However you can’t deny all these doesn’t kill the vibe, self confidence and value of the artistes.
Some label leaders willingly neglect other artistes simply because their label mates are trending more at that moment.
On the other hand, the artistes literally kills his/her own career. Some artistes are simply lazy, especially after one hit. With a little buzz, they start feeling sky high and forget that even the greatest hits ended up in pits. It’s maybe because of such lazy attitude, Motherland Empire is still to present a larger team.
Also, I strongly believe that most artistes sign deals out of excitement. With no terms and conditions then when hell breaks loose, they start tweeting trying to tell the truth in a way no one will understand. Feeling exploited and disappointed, they are embarrassed to tell the truth because they don’t want to be ridiculed, so they die in silence. It’s only after they’ve left the label that we know the real truth. Case study Tilla and her former label New Bell Music.
To conclude, I’ll say the Camer music industry is still growing. As Cameroonians, we find it difficult to leave together, carry out businesses in a daily with no quarrel. Starting a label and maintaining a positive business mind between the CEO and artistes ”no be beans” There’s more research to be done by both parties. However, I can’t end this article without giving a few shout out to Label’s that are doing it right and keeping the flames burning, BigDreams Ent. Alpha Better Records. Blu Nation.   StevensMe. I mean take a look at Tzy Panchaks career, although blocked by TraceTV, still his label pushes him to higher heights because he’s not only talented but hardworking. Thumbs up guys.
Now you’ve read us on the fight between artistes and record labels, tell us what you think.
– Victor Kange