Cameroon is a bilingual nation, French and English, Me and You, Oui ou Non? Absolutely Oui! These days, it is very difficult to detect an artiste from Cameroon who has an English speaking background or French as we are blessed with a lot of talented musicians who make perfect use of both languages. The English speaking artistes most especially have ”Frenchified” their every song lyrics. This according to many is to capture not only the dominating population but the many French speaking nations in Africa. However, many fans and music lovers especially from the two English speaking regions of the country aren’t happy with the too much French implemented in the songs of their fellow compatriots from the same region. The English speaking artistes seem to have copied the French lyrics perfectly and have gained grounds in the entertainment industry. The big question is, have they copied the LOVE, UNITY and TOGETHERNESS?

Many of you will want to agree with me that beefing in an industry is very entertaining. Well, it is more entertaining when the artistes involved resolve their issues. Just yesterday, it was known everywhere that Bikutsi Queen Lady Ponce got the self proclaimed King of Yaoundé Music, Maahlox arrested for not respecting the terms of a contract for the SEFEDI concert which he was paid the sum of 500.000F as first installment. Hours later, both French Speaking artistes where seen in photos sharing a drink and eating in a bakery somewhere in Yaoundé. Also, Dynastie Le Tigre who also sued Maahlox for disrespecting him and throwing curses on him had to stop pressing charges on the rapper.

Have you asked yourself why the anglophone artistes adopt the French lyrics and leave out the Love and Unity?

There are beefs going on amongst anglophone artistes in Cameroon older than some of your currently reading this writeup.

In conclusion, it is not the Cameroon music industry that’s slowing down the growth entertainment but a part said to be the minority. The English speaking artistes

Victor Kange